Recently, CEO Eric, took three top performers to a Leadership Development Conference in Vancouver, BC.  The team was able to network with top performers, managers, and even visit another location.

zach giles devin vcbcAfter returning back to Baltimore, the team sat down with Human Resources and the Executive team to discuss key take-aways, what they learned, and brainstormed next initiatives for the firm.

Both Zach and Giles agreed, the new campaigns that we are looking to work with in the near future is astonishing.  Bringing more Fortune 500 clients on board is not only exciting, but means there will be even more opportunity for growth.  The team also got to work from a location in Seattle for the day.  Although there are different managers with different styles, they each noticed that our proven system works in every market, no matter the management differences.

“The ability to network with such amazing, talented, and hard working people in our field was amazing,” says Giles.  “I will most certainly be utilizing some of them as mentors.  I have noticed that the more positive people that I am around, the faster I hit my goals.”

The team brought back an such an intensity and are ready for their next challenge, all while continuing to grow and develop the team at a rapid pace!

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Employers are looking for attributes that can be found in any field.  Your job is to prove with your resume, cover letter, and interview how you possess these skills.  According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) the top 10 qualities the job industry is looking for in 2015 include:

  1. Ability to work in a team structure. 
  1. Ability to make decisions and solve problems. 
  1. Ability to communicate verbally with people, both inside and out of the organization. 
  1. Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work.  Scheduling is key! 
  1. Ability to obtain and process information. 
  1. Ability to analyze data. 
  1. Technical knowledge related to the job. 
  1. Proficiency with computer software programs. 
  1. Ability to create and/or edit written reports. 
  1. Ability to sell and influence others.

After reviewing these skills, think about your experiences and how you can prove that you  have experienced or obtained these skills.  Be sure to state in your resume and/or cover letter specific ways that you have gained or use these skills.  To apply, send your resume to Human Resources at

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Goal Setting for 2015

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As the year comes to an end, most of us are thinking about what we want to accomplish in 2015. One of the top managers from the organization discusses goal setting with us.

I once heard that we are like self guided missiles. Give us a target and will go after it.

Every year I set personal and professional goals that inspire me. There are several ways to go about setting goals. I personally found that the following 6 steps, that I learned about setting goals after reading “Think and Grow Rich” By Napaloen Hill, has been the most effective.

Give it a shot, and turn your dreams in reality.

– Determine exactly the goal you desire – don’t be vague.

– Determine exactly what you intend to do in order to reach you desired goal. What value are you going to offer? Remember, there is no free lunch.Goal Setting 2015

– Establish an exact date for when you plan to reach your desired goal.

– Establish a definite plan for achieving your desire, and start right this moment, whether or not you feel you’re ready.

– Write out a clear statement of your goal, what you intend to do in exchange for your goal, the date you’ll reach it by and your specific, actionable plan for reaching the goal.

– Twice daily, read your written statement out loud to yourself. Do it once in the morning, and once at night. While you read the statement, visualize yourself executing on your plan and visualize the goal fully accomplished.

So this holiday season, get with your manager or mentor and set your goals for 2015.  And let’s make it our best year yet!


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Overseas Expansion Opportunity

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Barcelona View

Barcelona View

CEO of The Distinctive Edge, Eric, was recently in Barcelona pursuing client leads in the telecommunications industry.  Since the opening of The Distinctive Edge, overseas expansion has been a goal.  Now that we have over 24 affiliates across the nation, we are looking to continue to expand overseas.

While in Barcelona, Eric and a small team were able to visit with the client, look at office space, find flats for living, and see the city.

Eric says, “We are extremely excited about pursuing opportunities for overseas expansion.  This is just the start.  We are looking forward to using our business model to service clients all over the world.”

Stay tuned for more details and information about the expansion to come in early 2015.

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Giving back is a huge part of the culture at The Distinctive Edge.  Recently, manager Caitlin, had the opportunity to go to Guatemala to help aid in a mission for Operation Smile.  Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity that performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery.

2014-11-07 10.14.18

While in Guatemala, Caitlin had the opportunity to help many.  Her responsibilities included screening and health evaluation, team building, and helping the children.  She was there for 5 days and her main mission was to help the children and their families remain calm and happy.  “Children process and normalize their surroundings through playing; therefore my job was to be great at it.  I became a bubble blowing expert, a coloring fanatic, and a hair braiding, car racing specialist,” says Caitlin.  “It is amazing how a smile and hug sends the same message of love in every culture.  Everyone wants to feel secure and safe; being apart of helping these children and families through this process was really special. It was a lesson in gratitude. I gained more from helping others than I feel like I will ever be able to give.  I know more that ever have an unrelenting need to do more.  I’m excited to see all that our organization accomplishes in the future, because this feeling in contagious!”

The Distinctive Edge has committed to having the entire organization raise $150,000 in the next year to sponsor yet another mission on its own.  The team is so proud of Caitlin and all she has done to help further our aid worldwide!

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Each year the distinctive edge orlandoThe Distinctive Edge attends the Annual Awards Conference.  This year, the team headed to sunny Orlando to learn, network, and be recognized for a great year.

Top Account Representatives and Recruiters were selected to attend.  While there, the team was not only able to site see, but able to meet and network with some of the companies top performers.  While in meetings, the team learned about leadership development, advanced sales and marketing skills, talent acquisition, team building, scheduling, fiances, and more!

During the evening awards banquet, Kaitlyn was awarded not one, but two, pieces of Tiffany’s jewelry for hard work this year.  Kaitlyn has helped to grow the company tremendously over the past 2 years and is still continuing to advance.  Not only is Kaitlyn continuing to grow in her role, she has helped several others with promotions as well.  The entire organization did well, picking up awards for their hard work, growth, and continuing to exceed client expectations.

The organization has big goals to continue to deliver results and expand across the nation.

The Distinctive Edge’s next meeting will be held here in Baltimore this November.

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TIMONIUM, Md. — In 2013, The Distinctive Edge expanded into 5 new locations throughout the U.S. The Distinctive Edge also more than doubled our weekly revenue from this time last year. In addition to that,
The Distinctive Edge has created countless new positions in the workforce in the Baltimore area and across the country.

Let’s take a look at what 2013 looked like for The Distinctive Edge.

– Our organization took home several awards for top performance
– The Distinctive Edge’s first charity event of the year for Operation Smile; Mud Football

– The Distinctive Edge got a new space to accommodate our continued growth and expansion
– Organizational weekend in Annapolis, Md. The trip included all of our managers and top performers to attend training sessions at the Westin, Annapolis, attend the nationals game, and dinner at McGarveys

– The Distinctive Edge also sponsored our 2nd charity event for Operation Smile, hosting a basketball tournament at Brick Bodies Fitness Center
– President Eric Chapman was featured in Baltimore’s SmartCEO magazine
– The Distinctive Edge started the monthly featured employee blog for our top performers
– Leadership Conferences in Pittsburgh, Phoenix, New Orleans, and Seattle
– Recruiters Kaitlyn and Pam take home Tiffany necklaces for outstanding performance
– Lucas was promoted to Assistant Management
– Rest and Relax weekend at The Grand Resort in Phoenix, AZ.
– The Distinctive Edge exceeds our $5,000 goal for Operation Smile with our final charity event for the year
– Leadership conference in Baltimore, MD at the Hyatt Regency
– The Distinctive Edge was named a Top Workplace by The Baltimore Sun for the 2nd year in a row

– President, Eric Chapman received a special leadership award from The Baltimore Sun
– Annual Holiday Party at CVP’s

About: The Distinctive Edge is a sales and marketing firm in the Baltimore area. As a leader in the industry, The Distinctive Edge continues to have high standards when it comes to customer acquisitions, retention, and brand management. Continually adapting to change and the economy, we find our clients customers that stick. The Distinctive Edge also gives back to the community. The biggest charity that they support is Operation Smile. Each $240 raised helps one child in need of the life changing surgery and to give them back their smile.
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